A Guide to Restaurant and Chef Uniforms


Creating a unified and functional plan of restaurant uniforms designed specifically for your business means identifying the needs of your company first.  In other words, your employees should not only look amazing and modern, it should fit and function properly for them.

It should be durable to withstand the heavy demands of food service and style to enhance your employee’s image.  The uniforms should also be free from wrinkles with moisture wicking features.  Cool venting is also another mark need for your waiters with aprons that holds multi-functional pockets necessary to keep them agile.

But while waiter’s uniforms are available in dozens of styles and colors to dress them up for a particular job, the chef clothing is mostly designed as a protective gear.  And it is here that I want to spend time to give you a brief outline of the difference between the two.  When it comes to a chef uniforms, the most common that we see around is a white colored one with a peculiar hat which seems very impractical because they are engaged in a somewhat messy kitchen job in a restaurant business.  But let us not be mistaken because there is logic behind the chef’s uniform and we should know this so we will not just order a uniform for our chef just to make him appear nice.

People should understand that a chef’s uniform which consist of restaurant aprons and hats is a sort of protective gear for him.  People should really know that if ever you are cooking in the kitchen your need protective clothing.  It should not somehow be understood that they are not simply gears to protect the clothes from getting dirty.

Contrary to popular belief that aprons are simply use to cover your clothes from getting messy, protective clothing such as an apron is also used to for fire protection.  Today, you can find very good clothing materials that can help protect from fire because they are fireproof.  Other than being fireproof these particular materials are also very easy to wash.

So let’s spend time to compare the difference between cotton and other natural fabric against these fireproof materials.  Remember that protective clothing that is made out of cotton or other natural fabrics though comfortable on the body, they do not offer protection against fire.  If your cotton apron is stained, then you will have a difficult time remove the stains.

Also, chef hats helps reduce sweating, the height provides a means to dissipate heat from the chef’s head.  When the hat is a high column it also works like a fan that brings hot air from the bottom to move upwards, so hot air is kept away from the chef’s face.  Another reason is also to prevent hair from falling in the food items.


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